"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch."

- Clarence Budington Kelland

My father, Hassan Poladi, was a dreamer.

And a do-er. 

Someone who set goals and not only achieved them, but exceeded them.

I know almost nothing about the family that raised him. 

One of five brothers. Born and raised in Pakistan. 

Moved to the Philippines at a young age. Graduated from The University of Manila in 1974. Met my mother, Adoricion Aberin. Fell in love.

Immigrated to the United States in 1975.

Lived in New York. Graduated with a Masters Degree from Cornell University. While working full time at KMart in Ithica, NY.

Saved money. Paid for my mom to join him.

Two people in love, who spoke broken versions of English, trying to achieve the American Dream.

Moved with her to Idaho, then eventually California.

Became an insurance salesman. Was awarded top honors. 

She worked at American Standard. Glazed bathtubs.

They saved money. Opened a restaurant.

They had a little boy. They had a little girl.

Mom gets sick. Passing away from cancer at 40 years old. 

Left behind a heartbroken husband… a five year old… and a two year old.

He does his best to raise the kids. He loved them dearly. He did the best a broken man could.

He gets sick himself. Liver begins to give out. He gets a transplant. He gets a blood transfusion.

He gets tainted blood.

He contracts HIV.

One year later, he passes… and he leaves behind… an 11-year old boy…. And two little girls, the youngest from his second marriage.

He was 44.


I’ve spoken about my father and the influence he has had on me many times, but this time… It’s different.

Just like my dad. Just like my mom.

I too became sick. I too was supposed to die.

But…. I didn’t.

And I didn’t know why.

But now I do.


Jessica and I are weeks away from having OUR little boy.

OUR baby boy.

OUR Beckett.

And here I am. First time father.

I am 44.


When Jessica told me she was pregnant in December, I cried. A lot.

This wasn’t something that I ever thought would happen. How could it?

I was too old.

My body was too broken.

My ability to have a child was taken away after testicular cancer.

But… It happened.

And everything changed for me.


My dad worked hard everyday selling insurance.

12 hours a day. Door knocking. Cold phone calling from his office.

The guy even wore a suit to the office. Even when he had no one to meet him there.

Yet every night, without fail, he came home and never missed dinner with me and my sister. In fact, he would pull up to the house and park in the street.

I would be playing basketball in the driveway, so he never wanted to block me from being able to shoot hoops.

And every evening as he walked up the driveway, he would put down his briefcase, take off his jacket and tie, and would shoot hoops with me before cooking dinner for us.

Every night.

He wasn’t good at basketball. I was. I have been since I was a little boy. I think he let me win a bunch of times. Maybe I was just better than him.

He missed a lot of shots.

But he never missed raising his son.

He lived to be 44.

I’m 44.

It’s my turn to not miss.


Back in March, I spoke with James, and then the team. I shared with them how much I wanted to be a present father and present husband to the two people most important to me – Jessica and Beckett.

I told them what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. James has been one of my dearest friends for more than a decade. Way before NextHome. Tei has become a brother to me.

James stood by me when I had cancer.

They both stood by me at my wedding.

And once again, they stood by me when I made my decision.


Over the past three months, our NextHome team has been nothing short of amazing in setting me up for my ultimate job – being a dad.

Today, I’m announcing that after eight of the greatest years of my professional life, I’m stepping down as Vice President of NextHome.

For eight years, I’ve had the chance to build what I believe in my heart is the best real estate company in our industry.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this company. Each one of us has. And the result has been nothing short of spectacular.

Nearly 600 office locations. 5500+ NextHomies. 48 states. $12 Billion in sales annually.

And that’s the business side of it.

I like that. But I love the people that made it happen.

I’m not going anywhere. I’m still one of the owners at NextHome.

I am a NextHomie for life. I’m just in a different role. I’ll be here for all of you when you need me. I will ALWAYS be rooting for NextHome.

I have so many people to thank that helped shape me into this better version of who I am. The thank you’s will be endless. Each person deserves their own recognition of how they have positively affected me and made me who I am today. I will be doing that over the next few days and weeks, but I won’t do it publicly, until I have shared my love for them privately.

But I can show love publicly to the thousands of NextHome brokers, agents, administrative staff and affiliates who made this such a fun ride. Without you inspiring me, making me cry (a lot), making me think differently, and sharing vulnerable moments with me…. My life wouldn’t be the same.

And finally…. I couldn’t have made the decision without the never-wavering love and support from my world, Jessica.

I met her at a NextHome Conference.

I saw her and I was like, “Whoa!”

Then I asked her to marry me and she was like “Whoa!”

Then we got married and we looked at each other like “Whoa!”

Then she told me we were pregnant, and I was like “Whoa!”

And then I told her I wanted to be an ever present father and adoring husband… and she was like “Whoa!”

And then I leaned over to her belly… whispered to my unborn son that I’m going to be there for him forever….. And he was like…… “I know.”

Thank you to everyone who was with me along this journey.

I’ll never forget it.

I’m 44.

And I’m going to finish what my dad started.

Love you all,


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